Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Rex, Zombie Killer mini-series #2 in shops 12/18/13

Rex, Zombie Killer #2 will be in comic shops this Wednesday, December 18, 2013.

This is the second of the four issues in the mini-series that follows Rex the hyper-intelligent Golden Retriever and his growing pack as they make their way to Rex's human...who is being held prisoner in a military bunker.

The story picks up from last issue's cliffhanger. Then, we'll see what the animals do when they find a small girl trapped in a car by rotters. Those who got a kick out of the squirrels--or the gorillas--from last issue are going to enjoy what happens next!

But it's all building to something even bigger in issue #3. (Issue #3 is in the current Diamond Previews catalog for pre-order. Let your Local Comic Book shop know that you want the issue now, to make sure you can get a copy.)

Don't miss the comic that Newsarama gave a "9 out of 10" rating!

For all the latest info on Rex, Zombie Killer, check out the official website at www.RexZombieKiller.com