Monday, October 31, 2011

Panda Dog Press at NC Comicon 2011!

Rob Anderson, Panda Dog Press writer and publisher, will be at the North Carolina Comicon, this coming weekend (November 5-6, 2011) in Morrisville, NC, just outside Durham.

Special guests at the convention include Robert Atkins, Scott Wegener, Brian Clevinger, Arthur Suydam, Howard Chaykin and many more!

Make sure to stop by and see Rob Anderson -- just look for the Panda Dog Press banner -- so you can check out the special zero issue of Rex, Zombie Killer for only $1!

Plus, Rob will have copies of all three issues of Great Zombies in History, as well as the preview of Animal Control: Special Creatures Unit.

Rob will also be showing off "in progress" pages for both the Rex, Zombie Killer and Animal Control: Special Creatures Unit books coming in 2012!

Both are in production, and we'll have more to show here on the blog soon.

We hope to see you at NC Comicon 2011!