Monday, July 18, 2011

CBR Interview & Other Coverage!

Things have been very busy here at Panda Dog Press, as we've geared up production on both the Animal Control: Special Creatures Unit and Rex, Zombie Killer miniseries. In the next couple months, we'll start sharing some characters designs, pages, and other information on these projects. We're really excited to show you what we've been up to!

But in the meantime, we were lucky enough to have some great coverage of some of our projects, starting with a Comic Book Resources interview with Rob Anderson and DaFu Yu on Rex, Zombie Killer!

Rob and DaFu talked to CBR's Alex Dueben about how their collaboration began, how the project came together, why they enjoy working on zombie books, and even shared some character designs and pages from the Zero issue. You can check it all out here:
Anderson and Yu Kill Zombies with "Rex"
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Following up on their review of the Zero issue of Rex, Zombie Killer, Kitty's Pryde was nice enough to do an in-depth interview with Rob Anderson as well.

Rob discussed how both Rex and Animal Control have ties to Andy Schmidt's Comics Experience courses, his passion for animals, and even how he "hears" the voices of the animals in Rex.

Here's a link to the article:
Rob Anderson and a Pack of Animals
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On another front, Great Zombies in History -- the anthology which Panda Dog Press founder Rob Anderson edited and contributed a story to -- also received some great reviews.

First, Comic News Insider's Jimmy Aquino was kind enough to make Great Zombies one of his "Top 3 Picks" of the week, calling it "a great collection of zombie tales."

Thanks so much for checking out the books, Jimmy!

You can hear it here, starting at about the 1:16 mark:

Comic News Insider Episode 340
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Great Zombies in History also got some love on the video podcast Exploring the Multiverse. Lucas of ETM was especially kind in discussing Rob and DaFu's "Spartan 300" zombie story, and said "if you're into zombies, definitely pick these up!"

Victor also gave a shout-out to Animal Control artist, Leandro Panganiban, who did two of the stories in the books. You can hear the review starting at the 22:08 mark:
Exploring the Multiverse Episode #73
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And, finally, A Little Dead podcast took time out to review Great Zombies, with host McPierce covering issues #1 and #2 on Episode 105.1 (at the 9:15 mark) and issue #3 in episode 107.2 (at the 4:45 mark). McPierce said "the artwork was just phenomenal," and in particular enjoyed the artwork by both Leandro and DaFu!

And he added that he'd "love to see this one get published as a regular, on-going series." Thanks, McPierce!

Check the reviews out here:
A Little Dead Podcast - Episode 105.1
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A Little Dead Podcast - Episode 107.2
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Many thanks to everyone who checked out the books!


Rob McMonigal said...

Glad to hear things are going so well for you guys! You deserve it.

RobAnderson said...

Thanks, Rob -- I appreciate it!