Thursday, June 9, 2011

Comic News Insider Interview & Reviews

At Heroes Con 2011, Rob Anderson got to sit down with Comic News Insider's Jimmy Aquino for a quick chat about Rex, Zombie Killer, Animal Control: Special Creatures Unit, and Great Zombies in History.

Jimmy was also kind enough to name the zero issue of Rex, Zombie Killer one of his "Top 3 Picks" of the week! Thanks for that, Jimmy!

You can check it all out, starting right here, around the 1:39 mark:
Comic News Insider Episode 335 – Heroes Con

Rex, Zombie Killer #0 was also just reviewed over on the Kitty's Pryde website.

They especially had kind things to say about the artwork by DaFu Yu, calling it "tight and well executed," and saying he handled "animals and zombies equally well." Heck, Kitty's Pryde even compared DaFu's work to Tony Moore and Charlie Aldard.

Wow! Thanks for that kind praise, indeed!

You can check out the full review here:
Rex Zombie Killer #0- Review

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