Thursday, June 9, 2011

Comic News Insider Interview & Reviews

At Heroes Con 2011, Rob Anderson got to sit down with Comic News Insider's Jimmy Aquino for a quick chat about Rex, Zombie Killer, Animal Control: Special Creatures Unit, and Great Zombies in History.

Jimmy was also kind enough to name the zero issue of Rex, Zombie Killer one of his "Top 3 Picks" of the week! Thanks for that, Jimmy!

You can check it all out, starting right here, around the 1:39 mark:
Comic News Insider Episode 335 – Heroes Con

Rex, Zombie Killer #0 was also just reviewed over on the Kitty's Pryde website.

They especially had kind things to say about the artwork by DaFu Yu, calling it "tight and well executed," and saying he handled "animals and zombies equally well." Heck, Kitty's Pryde even compared DaFu's work to Tony Moore and Charlie Aldard.

Wow! Thanks for that kind praise, indeed!

You can check out the full review here:
Rex Zombie Killer #0- Review

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Heroes Con 2011 - Panda Dog Press Report

Rob Anderson, Panda Dog Press publisher, and writer of Rex, Zombie Killer, attended Heroes Con 2011 in Charlotte, NC.

Here's his report:

My second convention of 2011 was Heroes Con. This marked only my second time having a table at the show...and the first anniversary of my first table ever. It was great to be back!

I arrived early on Thursday, with lots of stuff, and got the painful set-up portion of the convention out of the way.

Friday morning, I was ready to roll, with copies of Rex, Zombie Killer #0 (launching at Heroes Con) and Great Zombies in History #'s 1-3 (which launched only a month ago at CGS Super Show) along with the Animal Control: Special Creatures Unit Preview.

I was happy to see so many people returning to the table from last year, along with lots of new faces. And so MANY people kindly picked up copies of Rex, Great Zombies, or both that Heroes Con 2011 was a big success.

So, THANK YOU to everyone who stopped by to chat and check out our stuff! It was most appreciated. Here's a few pictures I managed to take!

Beyond the Exhibit Hall, one of the highlights of Heroes Con every year is the massive art auction. The Heroes crew (and emcee Alison Sohn) did a great job of keeping things moving this year, holding the auction to a relatively brief three hours.

Once again, there was a ton of amazing art, with the highest bid going to Adam Hughes' piece featuring Catwoman and Black Cat. The final bid? $12,000! A new record, I believe, blowing away last year's tie between Adam's Zatanna and Mark Brooks' Black Cat.

Other personal favorites included a Brian Stelfreeze Scooby Doo and Daphne, a Phil Noto Supergirl, and especially a Roger Langridge Thor/Fin Fang Foom.

The piece that got me into the bidding mix again this year, though, was an amazing painting by Red Moon's David McAdoo. David did a striking painting of the character Mox, surrounded in red paint, with a red moon reflected in his eyes. The detail on the face was incredible.

The bidding was fierce to the very end, but I was bested by a gentleman by the name of Charles sitting directly in front of me at the auction (shown at the far right of the picture).

I was able to chat with Charles and his friends the next day, and I was pleased that (of course) they were big Red Moon fans. Plus, being animal lovers like me, they had to pick up copies of Rex, Zombie Killer and Animal Control: Special Creatures Unit, so it all ended well.

Another key part of Heroes Con is the fantastic Artist's Alley and the opportunities it provides for picking up sketches and art from your favorite creators.

I was pretty much tethered to the Panda Dog Press booth most of the con (that's not a complaint!), but I did manage to sneak away long enough to pick up a sketch of Max from one of my favorite books, The Stuff of Legend, done by the talented artist of that series, Charles Paul Wilson III. It was great to meet Charles in person as he and his co-writers (Mike Raicht and Brian Smith) will be guests at the Comics Experience Book Club next week!

My other art buy was a print of Thor and Fin Fang Foom by Roger Langridge. The original of this piece was one of my favorites from the art auction, so I was thrilled when I found out a print was available.

The picture shown at left is partial, as my scanner couldn't fit the entire print, but it gives an idea of how spectacular the piece is, particularly for a Fin Fang Foom fan like myself.

But, as always, the best part of Heroes Con was having the chance to catch meals with folks and to catch up with old friends and meet new ones in the Westin bar and lobby. The fact that so many people from the convention congregate in that one location all night is part of what makes Heroes Con so special.

I won't even attempt to namecheck all the folks I enjoyed hanging out with, but it was great seeing everyone, and I hope to see you all again soon...if not at San Diego, or Baltimore, or NYCC,...then at Heroes Con 2012!