Sunday, May 8, 2011

Exploring the Multiverse (ETM) interviews Rob Anderson!

Victor, from the Exploring the Multiverse (ETM) Podcast, did a video interview with Rob Anderson, publisher/writer at Panda Dog Press, during the Comic Geek Speak 2011 Super Show in Reading, PA.

Rob chatted with Victor about the status of the forthcoming Animal Control: Special Creatures Unit miniseries, the newly launched Great Zombies in History series from Elevator Pitch Press, and discussed Comics Experience writing, art, and coloring courses as well as the Comic Creators Workshop. During Rob's interview, you'll also see a brief cameo by Great Zombies cover and interior artist, DaFu Yu (Grimm Fairy Tales), who was busy sketching all weekend at the show!

Rob's interview starts at the 31:25 mark, but before that you can also check out comics discussion and interviews with Josh Finney and Kat Rocha of Titanium Rain (9:57), and Matt Petz of War of the Woods (21:56).

Thanks to Victor and the ETM crew for taking time to speak with Rob!

View the video interview in Episode 69 of the ETM podcast here:

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