Monday, May 9, 2011

CGS Super Show 2011 - Panda Dog Press Report

Rob Anderson, Panda Dog Press publisher, and writer of Animal Control: Special Creatures Unit, attended the 2011 Comic Geek Speak Super Show in Reading, PA.

Here's his report:

My first convention of 2011 was the CGS Super Show, and I couldn't have picked a more friendly, fun convention to start out the year. I've been a long-time listener of CGS, but this was my first time attending the show.

Below are a few highlights and pictures. (Click pictures for a larger view.)

My new project for the Spring, Great Zombies in History (published by Elevator Pitch Press), launched at Super Show. I edited the first three issues and also contributed a story in issue #1. Pictured with me at the Panda Dog Press booth is DaFu Yu, the cover artist of Great Zombies #1 and my collaborator on a Spartan 300/zombie story in the first issue. Other contributors in attendance, right next door to us at the show, included Joe Sergi and Josh Osborne. CGS listeners gave us all a warm welcome, and we sold out of two of the three issues! Thank you to everyone who came by our table to say "hello" and try out our books!

Speaking of DaFu Yu, this was his first convention at a table and he hung out with me at the Panda Dog Press table all weekend, doing sketches and meeting folks. He also contributed a sketch to the CGS Early Bird Ticket Contest, and the lucky winner chose to get a commission of Hawkman. DaFu did a great job, as you can see! DaFu and I are also collaborating on a new project from Panda Dog Press that we'll be sharing shortly.

A large contingent of Comics Experience alums, instructors, and Comic Creators Workshop members were also in attendance at Super Show. Comics Experience founder, Andy Schmidt, was busy all weekend talking to creators and moderating two panels on breaking in. Comics Experience art instructor, Robert Atkins, and coloring instructor, Chris Sotomayer, were also exhibiting at the show. Pictured at left are Comics Experience attendees (left to right): Rob Anderson, Janine Frederick, DaFu Yu, Josh Osborne, Andy Schmidt, Joe Sergi, and Robert Atkins. Other Comics Experience attendees (not pictured) included Elizabeth Amber-Love, Joey Groah, Amy Chu and the aforementioned Soto.

On Saturday, I participated in the "Writing for Comics" panel, moderated by Andy Schmidt, along with Bryan JL Glass, Fred van Lente, and Drew Gaska. A video of the panel will be available shortly, thanks to CE Workshopper Joey Groah, and I understand that the CGS audio version will be posted soon, too. After the panel, I finally picked up a copy of Fred's Comic Book Comics lawsuit issue, and enjoyed talking with Drew about his exciting new project, Conspiracy of the Planet of the Apes! (Pictured are Andy, Rob, Fred and Drew -- just moments before Bryan joined us on the panel.)

Speaking of panels, Comics Experience alum, Joe Sergi, organized the panels at CGS Super Show for the second year in a row, and won a coveted CGS Freking Sweer award for all his hard work. Well deserved, Joe, and congrats! Joe also hosted the special Spotlight panel, interviewing guests of honor Tony Moore and Tim Truman. I'm looking forward to hearing that panel when it's posted on CGS!

Of course, the best part of the show was meeting people from the CGS Fourms in person as well as catching up with old friends. Whether over meals, on the convention floor, or at the gatherings at Third & Spruce on Friday and Saturday night (pictured at left), getting to hang out with fellow comic book geeks was the highlight of the weekend.

I hope to see many of you at Heroes Con 2011 in just a couple weeks!

-- Rob Anderson

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