Friday, April 8, 2011

Great Zombies in History!

From ancient Greece, to early America, and out to the edge of space, Great Zombies in History, the new anthology series from Elevator Pitch Press, tells the secret history of the undead.

Check out the details and preview panels from all three issues below, and come see Rob Anderson and artist DaFu Yu at the Comic Geek Speak Super Show in Reading, PA on April 30 and May 1, 2011, where all three issues will be available at the Panda Dog Press table! Or pick up your copies via IndyPlanet in early May!

The first three issues will be available simultaneously, with cover artwork as well as interior art by DaFu Yu (Grimm Fairy Tales), Leandro Panganiban (Animal Control: Special Creatures Unit), Richard P. Clark (Deluge), and more!

The first three issues were edited by Panda Dog Press publisher and writer, Rob Anderson, and Rob also contributed a tale of the 300 Spartans at Thermopylae to issue #1. All three issues feature logos and design by E.T. Dollman.

Issue #1 - Samurai Cover
Cover Art by DaFu Yu
Colors by Paolo Chaz Gomez
  • Samurai in feudal Japan face off against zombies in Bushido, written by Eric Drumm with art by Leandro Panganiban.
  • King Leonidas and his Spartans stand shoulder-to-shoulder against the undead horde in Immortal Resistance, written by Rob Anderson with art by DaFu Yu.
  • Find out the true story behind Jack the Ripper in Rescued by the Ripper, written by Joshua Osborne with art by Randy Valiente.
  • ($3.00; 24 pages; b&w interiors)

[Click panels for larger view]

Issue #2 - Astronaut Cover
Cover Art by Leandro Panganiban & Steve Bird
Colors by Paolo Chaz Gomez
  • Soviet Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin experiences unwelcome changes on his return to Earth in The Motherland Knows, written by Kevin D. Lintz with art by Leandro Panganiban.
  • Discover the real reason the White House burned down in The Zombie War of 1812, written by Joe Sergi with artwork by Marc Jameson.
  • See how a young Teddy Roosevelt handled the undead in the Badlands in The Dead and Endless Wastes, written by Frederick Kim with artwork by Antonio Bifulco.
  • ($3.00; 24 pages; b&w interiors)

[Click panels for larger view]

Issue #3 - Sacajawea/Lewis & Clark
Cover Art & Colors by Richard P. Clark
  • Sacajawea and the Lewis and Clark expedition encounter unexpected dangers in the Pacific Northwest in The Pale and the Gray, written by Dan Rivera with artwork by Richard P. Clark.
  • A young Native American tells the tale of a doomed European colony in CRO, written by George O'Connor with artwork by Eric Carter.
  • Vikings and Inuits clash in Greenland in No Bounty Here, written by Neil Fisher with artwork by Derek Chase and David Strosnider.
  • ($3.00; 24 pages; b&w interiors)

[Click panels for larger view]

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