Friday, April 22, 2011

CGS Super Show coming soon...

In just a week, the Panda Dog Press crew will be setting up at Comic Geek Speak Super Show, in Reading, PA, April 30 - May 1st.

We'll have all kinds of goodies available, including new Panda Dog t-shirts (in both bargain white and high quality red), brand-spankin'-new issues of Great Zombies in History (launching at Super Show!), and, of course, Animal Control: Special Creatures Unit Preview. Check out full pictures and special prices on the Comic Geek Speak forums by clicking right here.

Plus, if you are interested in making, or breaking into, comics, practically the whole Comics Experience staff will be in attendance, including Founder Andy Schmidt, comic book art instructor Robert Atkins, comic book coloring instructor Chris Sotomayer, and moderator of the Comic Creators Workshop, Rob Anderson. Alums such as Joe Sergi, Elizabeth Amber, and DaFu Yu will also be in attendance.

Andy Schmidt will also be doing two panels -- Writing for Comics at 11am Saturday and Breaking into Comics at 11 am Sunday. Don't miss them!

You can get more details about Comics Experience at Super Show by clicking right here.

We hope to see you at Super Show!!


Amber Love said...

I have no doubt that CGS Supershow will be better than ever this year. Each time the CGS crew gets together there are more people added to the "family" and now that I'm happily part of Comics Experience too, it's just going to be unforgettable.

Rob Anderson said...

I'm with you! It would be hard for me to be more excited for this. I can't wait!!