Saturday, November 20, 2010

NC Comicon 2010 - Panda Dog Press Report

Rob Anderson and Panda Dog Press attended the first-ever two day NC Comicon on November 13-14, and we can't thank everyone enough for the warm reception we received from folks all around the Raleigh-Durham-Morrisville-Chapel Hill area. We had a great time showing off the Animal Control: Special Creatures Unit Preview!

The NC Comicon is held in the Morrisville Outlet Mall, with the dealer room, artists' alley, and the panel rooms each in what was once stores in the mall. In the picture on the right, taken through the glass windows, you can see a bit of artists' alley before it opened one morning.

While we've never done a show inside an outlet mall, it actually turned out great! Folks who entered artists' alley were very focused on meeting creators and trying out new things, and the mall location led to some walkthrough traffic...not to mention there was a food court right around the corner. We've never attended a convention where such a high percentage of folks mentioned it being their first comic convention ever. We enjoyed the location and the crowd, and traffic was steady throughout most of both days.

As always, a big highlight of the show was getting to catch up with old friends and meet fellow comic creators. Over the course of the convention, Rob had the pleasure of catching meals or drinks with a bunch of folks, including: Chris Flick (Capes & Babes); Nathan Edmondson (The Light and Who is Jake Ellis from Image); Scott Wegener and his charming wife (Atomic Robo and Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes); Andy Kuhn (Firebreather, soon to be on the Cartoon Network!); Bridgit Scheide (The Kindle, Brother Nash); John Hartness (author of the cool geeks turned vampire detectives novel, Hard Day's Night); and Gabriel Dunston (creator of the webcomic Pit of Despair). Booth neighbor Gabe gets a special shout-out for actually selling copies of our Animal Control SCU Preview on two occasions when Rob momentarily stepped out of the booth -- thanks, Gabe! You're a natural!

I also had the chance to meet Jameson Lee of The Daily P.O.P., who was nice enough to check out the Preview book, and posted a nice review here. Thanks, Jameson!

Thanks to NC Comicon for putting on a fun show. We definitely plan to return to the convention next year.

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