Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Reviews, Write-Ups & A Special Offer

We've gotten some great coverage of the Animal Control: Special Creatures Unit Preview in the last few days that we wanted to share.

First up, there was a very kind write-up of the book and its launch over on the Comics Experience blog. Since the AC:SCU story originated in Andy Schmidt's excellent comic book writing classes, we already owed the guy big time! (Check out the blog post here.) Thanks again, Andy!

Next, there was an in-depth review and discussion of the Preview on the Lightbox Podcast. The hosts, Chris Flick and Matt Stout, took about 45 minutes breaking down their thoughts on the book, so if you would like to hear more about the book, this is the place to go! (Click here for the Lightbox Podcast.) If you haven't listened to Lightbox before, it's a regular discussion on everything from producing and promoting webcomics to how to set up for a convention. It's loaded with practical tips each week and highly recommended! Thanks for the review, Matt & Chris!

And, finally, the Comic Geek Speak guys were kind enough to allow us to plug and promote the Preview a bit via voicemail in both Episodes 857 and 858 this week. We've been listening to CGS almost since the beginning -- about 5 years -- so this was a lot of fun to hear! Check out the beginning of Episode 858 to hear a special offer for CGS listeners who attend Heroes Con this week. See you all at the "Feast of the Pants" on Thursday night, and thanks, CGS crew!

We can't wait to see everyone at Heroes Con! Come by and see us at Table SP-35 at the end of Row 700, just a few feet from Indie Island...

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