Friday, June 11, 2010

More Interviews & Reviews on Animal Control: SCU

We've had some fun -- and exciting -- coverage of Animal Control: Special Creatures Unit coming out of Heroes Con in Charlotte this past week. We wanted to point you to the interviews and reviews so you can check them out!

We had our first ever interview from the floor of Heroes Con on Friday, June 4th with our new friends at Comic Related. Darren Mueller was kind enough to chat with us on the Preview book, Panda Dog Press, our collaborators, etc. This one is fun because you can hear Rob Anderson completely lose his train of thought in the middle. First interview jitters, Rob! Check out the "Related Recap #202: HeroesCon Day 1" at the 32:02 mark!

Next up on Friday, Rob had the opportunity to chat with Pants and Murd from Comic Geek Speak. As you can see in our con report, we had already had the pleasure of attending the famed "Feast of the Pants" the night before, and despite the fact that folks maintain that Pants and Rob's radio voices -- and laughs -- were "separated at birth," you (hopefully) can tell them apart in the interview. Head over to CGS: Episode 861 (June 7, 2010), "Heroes Con '10 Tapes volume 1" at the 09:30 mark!

Then, much to our surprise, the Animal Control: Special Creatures Unit Preview was named one of Jimmy Aquino's "Top 3" picks this week over at Comic News Insider. What a thrill! Thanks for your review, Jimmy! You can check it out at the 34:45 mark of Episode 266 - "Heroes Con with Ming Doyle, Ben Templesmith, Ben McCool, et al." Or you can see the text listing of all "Top 3" picks by clicking here.

We also were lucky enough to have some really nice reviews by Jason Wright over on the "Jason's Comic Shelf" blog, and by Andy Frisk at "The Comic Book Bin." Thanks to both of you for taking the time to read and review our Preview book!

For that matter, thanks to everyone who picked up the Preview at Heroes Con, and to the many folks who followed up with emails. Rob loves hearing from you, so please do drop him a line at

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