Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Animal Control: SCU in Capes & Babes!

Rob Anderson (writer/publisher of Animal Control: Special Creatures Unit) and the lovely Grace recently popped up in the great webcomic, Capes and Babes -- what a surprise!

Chris Flick, the artist/creator of Capes and Babes has been doing a series of strips recently about HeroesCon 2010 and has included special "real life" guests like Shelton Drum (owner of Heroes Aren't Hard to Find and HeroesCon) and Dustin Harbin (Creative Director of both). Then, lo and behold, Rob and Grace popped up as well!

Of course, since Capes and Babes is about a strip mall, a comic book shop, and one crazy werewolf named Roy, it was only natural that Roy might take exception to "controlling" animals. So, pop over to Capes and Babes for the full strips to see Rob pay the price for messing with a werewolf!

Capes & Babes: Animal Control - Part 1

Capes & Babes: Animal Control - Part 2

Capes & Babes: Animal Control - Part 3

Capes & Babes: Animal Control - Part 4

And thanks, Chris, for making our first convention with a table even MORE memorable. We definitely never thought we'd see the day that we were cartoon characters, but we love it!

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