Friday, March 5, 2010

Panda Dog Adventures - Girl Trouble

Our Animal Control: Special Creatures Unit Summer Preview will contain a very special back-up story featuring our popular friend, the elusive Panda Dog.

The Animal Control Officers may never catch him, but we can follow along with his trouble-making antics in Panda Dog Adventures.

The first episode, "Girl Trouble," will be written by Rob Anderson and penciled and inked by artist Eve Yap. Eve is a talented painter, penciler, and Manga artist -- check out her portfolio. As you'll see from Eve's fantastic character designs shown here, this first episode will be told with a bit of Manga flair, and we're just bursting to see the final result.

So hang on tight for Eve's interpretation of the Panda Dog, the girl who loves him, and a not-so-little beast known as the Horned Mastiff!

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