Saturday, March 6, 2010

AC:SCU Summer Preview Coming Soon - 3 Stories!

The first three Animal Control: Special Creatures Unit stories will be available in one comic book in May 2010, just in time for the summer convention season.

Included in the comic will be "Breeding Stock" (the 5-page story initially appearing in the Tales from the Comics Experience anthology in April), "Feral" (the 7-page story currently in production), and a special back-up feature, the first episode of Panda Dog Adventures entitled "Girl Trouble." We plan to include some character sketches, production art, and other cool stuff as well.

We can confirm that the summer preview will be available at the Panda Dog Press table at the Charlotte Heroes Convention on June 4th - 6th, so please stop by to say "hi" and pick up your copy!

In the meantime, check out the back of the first AC:SCU promotional postcard by AC:SCU letterer and designer, E.T. Dollman. You should see this postcard floating around conventions soon.

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