Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Panda Dog Press at HeroesCon in 2010!

I'm pleased to announce that Panda Dog Press will be exhibiting at Heroes Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina from June 4th - 6th. It's official; we're registered! I've traveled to this well-attended, friendly convention for more than a decade as a fan, but this will be my first appearance there as an exhibitor and I couldn't be happier. Look for us in the Small Press area.

We'll have the aforementioned Comics Experience anthology available for sale, jam-packed with some great stuff including the first Animal Control: Special Creatures Unit story. We're also planning on having a preview comic of AC:SCU available as well. Work on that story is already underway.

I'm not sure we'd be doing this, but for the encouragement and friendly advice from Chris Flick, creator of the hilarious webcomic Capes N' Babes. (If you're not reading this strip, go check it out. In fact, check out this one specifically, where you'll discover why showings of Avatar keep selling out -- ha).

Chris, thanks for all your help on everything from publishing to planning for conventions -- and especially for encouraging me to give HeroesCon a try from the other side of the table. I owe you a beer, for sure!

Also, thanks go out to Brian Shearer and Reilly Brown -- two very friendly pros who took the time to chat with me at length and gave lots of great advice during the Virginia Comicon in November. I appreciate it, guys...

Hope to see everyone in Charlotte!

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