Friday, January 15, 2010

From Pencils to Inks

Inked pages for Animal Control: Special Creatures Unit have begun to arrive. Artist Leandro Panganiban inks his own pencils, and the pages look awesome!

To follow along with the discussion from last time, the picture at left shows (from top to bottom) the final pencils, the first round inks, and the final inks.

As you'll see, the only suggestion I had after viewing the initial inks was a touch-up on the Panda Dog's markings. Just like true pandas, the Panda Dogs have a black band running around behind their front legs. With that tweak in place, the page was done!

I've also included inks of other partial panels as well, showing Kaminski (taking a swig) and Vasquez. The center panel also shows Vasquez, checking out some exotic transgenic animals that resemble a certain mythological creature. (Please note: these panels are not in sequential order.)

We're just about to the lettering stage, which will be the next topic of discussion.

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