Saturday, January 16, 2010

Finding A Letterer

Not long after the artist was signed up for Animal Control: Special Creatures Unit, I turned to searching for a letterer. I know a lot of creators like to letter their own stories, either as a learning experience or to control costs -- and there's nothing wrong with that -- but I knew that if I did it myself, with my total lack of artistic sense, it would not turn out well. So I began searching...

If you read my post on Finding an Artist, the same principles and tips apply here. I posted in the same spots on the same sites (,, and, this time asking for a letterer.

I also tried out one additional spot where a lot of letterers seemed to hang out, Digital Webbing. I used the "Talent Search" link in the small menu along the top (at the time of this writing) and then clicked on the appropriate category (either "collaboration" or "paid"). One little bump in the road I had on this site was waiting for my account to be activated. Make sure to read the post on the site that explains how new users can activate their account.

In my advertisement for a letterer, I gave just as much information as I had in the original post seeking an artist. It was essentially the same post, but with added details on the density of word balloons (light to medium), the rough number of words per balloon (average), captions (none), and sound effects (only a few). I also made clear that I was in the market for title/logo design as well, and asked for links to samples of both lettered sequentials and logo/title design work.

In the case of letterers, I did eventually receive the most responses from Digital Webbing, and second most from Concept Art, but I received strong replies from all the sites, and ended up with more than 30 serious responses, including many from very established and talented folks. Once again, I made sure to get back to everyone and held on to the contact information for a number of very strong folks for possible future collaboration.

Out of all this, I did find my letterer, and we started on the title/logo work right away. More on that next post!

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