Sunday, January 17, 2010

E.T. Dollman - Animal Control: SCU Letterer!

After reviewing sample sequentials and title logo designs from more than 30 letterers, one in particular stood out -- a gentleman who goes by the name E.T. Dollman.

E.T. has established credits including lettering gigs on FemForce for AC Comics and on Myth which appeared on Zuda Comics, among other titles. He provided extensive samples in one handy PDF, and one sample that caught my eye was from a story called Decayed Orbit. It had a nice mix of readable comic book fonts, clean sound effects, and a slick title design. Another thing I liked: E.T. is both the scripter and letterer on his own webcomic project, The Evil Wannabes, at Caleido Comics.

On top of his lettering work, E.T. had about ten logo design samples, and numerous advertisements, flyers, and web banners. On the logo front, I especially loved the work he'd done on Dinosaur Girl for AC Comics.

But in addition to proving he could do the work, E.T. was just a great guy. His enthusiasm for the project and his interest in doing the work came through loud and clear from his first email. It felt like a great fit, so we went to contract and got started on a title/cover logo for Animal Control: Special Creatures Unit.

I sent along about three conceptual ideas for the logo and some examples of classic logos I liked. Pretty much immediately -- it seemed like only a few hours -- E.T. sent along some very cool logo designs, with a rough mock-up of a badge as well!

We went through a number of iterations of both -- with E.T. usually sending along three, or even four versions each time. You can see the final result in the images accompanying this post!

I'm pleased to report that on the heels of completing the title logo and SCU badge for AC:SCU, E.T. agreed to sign on to the project long-term. He's now beginning to letter the first 5-page story that will appear in the Comics Experience anthology. I look forward to continuing to work with E.T. on AC:SCU!

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