Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Print Anthology -- Coming in April!

As my classmates and I were finishing up the Comics Experience writing class, one of our members -- I think it was J.D. Oliva -- "chatted" a suggestion that we really needed to keep our momentum going and publish the stories we'd created. Pretty much everyone piled on saying they were on board for the project.

In email exchanges later, George O'Connor volunteered to act as project lead/coordinator, and making the project even sweeter, Richard Clarke (a professional, published artist in his own right) offered to do the cover. Finally, Andy Schmidt agreed to write a Foreword. We were on our way!

In the ensuing weeks, we've coordinated and shared progress via the Google Group we used during class. The opportunity to work with the group after the class ended, and the experience of putting together this anthology, has been a big (and unanticipated) bonus to the class itself.

Plus, with a group of about a dozen writers, spread all over North America, we'll have the opportunity to promote the anthology at conventions around the country, starting with the Boston Comic Con on April 10th and 11th.

After agreeing that Animal Control: Special Creatures Unit would be in the print anthology, the next big challenge for me was finding an artist. I'll talk about that experience, and what worked for me, soon.

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